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ATDA, ATS, Alouette, Anna, Apollo, Ariel, Atlas-Score, Biosatellite, Comsat, Cosmos, Courier, Diapason, Discoverer, ERS, Early Bird, Echo, Elektron, Explorer, GATV, Gemini, Injun, Intelsat, Lofti, Luna, Lunar Orbiter, Lunik, Mariner, Mars probes, Mercury, Midas, Nimbus, OAO, OGO, OSO, Pageos, Pegasus, Pioneer, Proton, Ranger, Relay, Samos, San Marco, Secor, Sputnik, Surveyor, Syncom, Telstar, Transit, Vanguard, Viking, Voskhod, WRESAT, Zond, accompanying, acolyte, adherent, aide, aide-de-camp, ally, ancillary, appendage, archduchy, archdukedom, artificial satellite, artificial satellites, assistant, attendance, attendant, attending, body of retainers, body politic, buff, buffer state, captive nation, cavaliere servente, chieftaincy, chieftainry, city-state, cohort, coincident, collateral, colony, commonweal, commonwealth, communications satellite, cortege, country, county, court, courtier, creature, crescent, crescent moon, dangler, decrescent, decrescent moon, demilune, dependant, dependent, disciple, domain, dominion, duchy, dukedom, dummy, earldom, empery, empire, entourage, fan, favorite, figurehead, flunky, follower, following, free city, full moon, geo probe, geodetic satellite, geophysical satellite, gibbous moon, gillie, goon, grand duchy, half-moon, hanger-on, harvest moon, heeler, helper, henchman, homme de cour, incident, increscent, increscent moon, jackal, kingdom, lackey, land, lieutenant, man, mandant, mandate, mandated territory, mandatee, mandatory, minion, moon, myrmidon, nation, nationality, navigational satellite, new moon, orb of night, parasite, partisan, polis, polity, possession, power, principality, principate, probe, protectorate, province, public, puppet, puppet government, puppet regime, pursuer, pursuivant, queen of heaven, queen of night, realm, republic, research satellite, retainer, retinue, right-hand man, robot satellite, rout, sectary, seneschalty, servant, settlement, shadow, sidekick, silvery moon, sovereign nation, space probe, space satellite, spacecraft, sputnik, state, stooge, successor, suite, sultanate, superpower, supporter, sycophant, tagtail, tail, territory, the wandering Moon, thug, toparchia, toparchy, train, trainbearer, unmanned satellite, vassal, votary, waning crescent moon, waning moon, ward heeler, waxing crescent moon, waxing moon, weather satellite, wet moon

Moby Thesaurus. . 1996.


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